PMA's Ada contrib

Read me, History, Makefiles, C libraries, and stand-alone “best-of” are in the home page

All the Ada contrib: ada.tgz

List of repository: REPOSIT_LIST.html
repository: reposit.tgz
account: account.tgz
agite: agite.tgz
als: als.tgz
approx: approx.tgz
astub: astub.tgz
asubst: asubst.tgz
battleship: battleship.tgz
chess: chess.tgz
c_magic: c_magic.tgz
code: code.tgz
dictio: dictio.tgz
enigma: enigma.tgz
fifos: fifos.tgz
fl: fl.tgz
great_circle: great_circle.tgz
heart: heart.tgz
hungar: hungar.tgz
lem: lem.tgz
lsadeps: lsadeps.tgz
logrotator: logrotator.tgz
mcd: mcd.tgz
misc: misc.tgz
mmind: mmind.tgz
navig: navig.tgz
nimmari: nimmari.tgz
pexec: pexec.tgz
pipe: pipe.tgz
renardeau: renardeau.tgz
sensor: sensor.tgz
simusi: simusi.tgz
sokoban: sokoban.tgz
tasks: tasks.tgz
tcpchat: tcpchat.tgz
tcpipe: tcpipe.tgz
tests: tests.tgz
xml: xml.tgz
xwords: xwords.tgz

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